IAPA Small Business Safety Calculator

What does an accident really cost?
The Small Business Safety Calculator is intended for small business owners to help them better understand all the costs associated with workplace injuries.

What does it do?
When a worker is injured on the job, WSIB pays for the claims costs, including health costs, rehabilitation and disability costs. But injuries cost small businesses in many other areas that are not covered by WSIB insurance. This Safety Calculator helps small businesses identify and add up all the additional costs associated with an injury or accident in their workplace – costs that come out of their own pockets.

How do I use this Calculator?
There are 3 main components: the calculator, related videos, and related resources. The “Start” section provides an overview of how the costs are determined, why industry leaders and other small business owners feel that accidents should be prevented, and information on how these accidents can be avoided.

Several accident scenarios were developed in various industries to help identify common types of accidents and injuries. These scenarios are intended to provide general information on the various costs that could be incurred. In the Calculator section, users can view these scenarios and modify the values to determine what their last accident really cost, or estimate what an accident could potentially cost. These scenarios can be saved and printed for future reference.