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MOL Enforcement Blitz:
Fall Hazards at Construction and Other Sites

“We want to ensure that Ontarians are safe at their workplace and these actions we’re taking serve as a reminder that safety practices must be followed when working above the ground. I have asked for a report back in 90 days, at which time decisions will be made on what further steps will be taken.”

– Peter Fonseca, Minister of Labour

Falls are one of the leading causes of work related fatalities on Ontario construction sites and continue to be a major cause of lost-time injuries. In 2009, 43% of all critical injuries on construction projects were due to falls from ladders, scaffolds, roofs or floors/surfaces. (Source: MOL Q&A, 2010)

Effective mid-January for a period of 90 days, the MOL will be conducting a zero-tolerance heightened enforcement blitz around fall hazards at construction sites, in particular around suspended platforms. This initiative is part of the province’s “Safe At Work Ontario” strategy to improve workplace health and safety practices through training and enforcement of provincial legislation and regulations.

The blitz primarily targets the construction sector. However, it will also affect firms with on-site construction projects requiring fall protection systems or where a worker might be exposed to the hazard of falling a vertical distance of 3 metres or more. This includes firms that contract out construction projects.

Inspectors will be checking for compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act as it relates to fall hazards, with particular attention placed on requirements for fall protection equipment and adequate worker training. View the MOL News Release and Hazard Alert for more information.

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    Falls From Heights Hazard Awareness Workshop
    Anyone can slip/fall or lose their balance at work. In Ontario, 80 people are injured every day in a fall at work. This workshop will address the relevant legislation and standards related to falls and expose participants to the “recognize, assess and control” elements of fall hazards. Participants will also complete a fall hazards action plan.



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