Employers of Young Workers

Between 2004 and 2008, young workers 15 - 24 years of age accounted for approximately 16% of Ontario’s allowed lost time and allowed no lost time claims covered by the WSIB. During this five year period, there were 57,871 allowed lost time claims, 164,783 allowed no lost time claims, and 39 workplace-related traumatic fatalities for this age group.*

Young workers often lack the experience to recognize and avoid workplace hazards and require specialized orientation and training to ensure their safety in the workplace. It’s up to you to provide it. Explore the links below and to the left to discover how, together, we can make a difference in keeping new and young workers safe.

Employing Young Workers - Tips for Employers (65 KB)
Included in this document are ways in which you can lead by setting a good example for young workers.

Employing Young Workers - Tips for Supervisors (82 KB)
Remember your first few days on the job? How much did you know then? How much were you taught by your supervisor?

First 4 Weeks
New and young, inexperienced workers are more than 5 times more likely to be injured during their first four weeks of employment.* IAPA’s First 4 Weeks interactive health and safety orientation and training kit has an important difference over other workplace orientation programs – it trains the supervisors to help train workers. This two-part kit fully prepares the supervisor with unique tools and strategies for training employees simply and effectively.

*Source: Institute for Work and Health (IWH), Infocus – Workplace Research Supplement, Issue #34a Fall 2003

Small Business Centre
IAPA’s small business centre has been designed specifically to help businesses with less than 50 employees meet their health and safety obligations.

Health and safety is not simply a legal obligation – it is a business opportunity. Effective training and processes reduce the cost of avoidable losses, insurance and lost-time injuries. You can boost your bottom line through reduced injuries, higher productivity and improved health and safety performance.

Small Business Safety Calculator
What does an accident really cost? The Small Business Safety Calculator is intended for small business owners to help them better understand all the costs associated with workplace injuries.

Free Downloads
IAPA has a wealth of free information available to you on a multitude of subject matters like ergonomics, WHMIS, workplace hazards, healthy workplaces, legal obligations, and more.