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MOL Enforcement Blitz: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

In mid-September, the Ontario Ministry of Labour will launch a two-month workplace safety blitz that zeroes in on MSD hazards. According to Peter Fonseca, Minister of Labour, “musculoskeletal disorders account for almost half of all injuries in which workers need to take time off work in Ontario – resulting in substantial costs to the medical and workers’ compensation system.” These injuries also greatly reduce the profitability and productivity of Ontario businesses.

This blitz is part of the province’s Safe At Work Ontario strategy to improve workplace health and safety practices through increased awareness, training and enforcement of provincial legislation and regulations. A “zero tolerance” approach will be taken for any contraventions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations regarding minimum age requirements, guarding issues or personal protective equipment.

How We Can Help

Web Resources

Visit our Free Downloads section for publications, tools and resources on a variety of health and safety topics. The following downloads relate to musculoskeletal disorders:

  • Ergonomic assessments and tip sheets: Discomfort Survey, Ergonomic Hazards Checklist, Tool Selection Checklist, MSD Risk Assessment, Performing a Physical Demands Analysis, Forcing the Issue: What’s So Hazardous About Overexertion?
  • OHSCO Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Prevention Series (English & French): Guideline, Resource Manual, three-part Toolbox
  • Publications and guidelines: Manual Materials Handling, Safe Lifting and Carrying, Preventing MSDs in the Office FAQ, Air Powered Hand Tools, Ergonomics Handbook for the Clothing Industry, Lighting at Work, Office Workstation Design, Physical Demands Analysis


Information Services

Contact the Information Centre for your free package containing MOL court bulletins, journal articles and other relevant resources.

Subscribe to Accident Prevention e-News, for workplace health and safety news, prosecutions, alerts and updates. Related Accident Prevention eNews articles include:

  • Next inspection blitz: MSDs – July 2010
  • MOL’s 10 most issued orders – August 2009
  • Preparing for the next inspection blitz: what supervisors need to know – July 2009


Training & Products



Classroom and on-site Training:


Consulting Services

Ergonomic improvements are often associated with improved productivity, quality and morale and greatly increasing returns on investment. Our ergonomic specialists and consultants work with you and your staff to identify the most effective ways to improve employees’ work environments and provide solutions including:

  • ergonomics assessments
  • implementation of MSD prevention and ergonomics programs
  • training for ergonomics change teams
  • job task analyses
  • physical demands analyses
  • safety talks including Back Care, General Ergonomics Awareness, Industrial Ergonomics and Office Ergonomics

Contact your local office for more information on the above and additional services to meet your needs.

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Regional Conferences & Events

Our health and safety conferences and events throughout Ontario provide excellent opportunities for networking and learning on key topics. Visit Partners in Prevention 2010 for more information on our upcoming line-up.


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