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MOL Enforcement Blitz: Conveyor Guarding & Lockout

On November 1, Ministry of Labour inspectors will begin a two-month sweep across the province, searching for conveyor and lockout related hazards and infractions primarily in the industrial sector – this not only includes manufacturing facilities but farming and service organizations as well.

This blitz is part of the province’s Safe At Work Ontario strategy to improve workplace health and safety practices through increased awareness, training and enforcement of provincial legislation and regulations. A “zero tolerance” approach will be taken for any contraventions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations regarding minimum age requirements, guarding issues or personal protective equipment.

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Safeguarding and lockout are two key ways to protect workers from the hazards associated with machines and equipment like conveyors. WSPS specialists provide consulting services and assessments in these key areas and more. WSPS specialists can help you by:

  • providing conveyor safety and lockout training.
  • ensuring you are in compliance with the legislation regarding conveyor guarding, machine guarding and lockout.
  • identifying any conveyor or lock out hazards at your site and helping you to control these hazards.
  • reviewing any Ministry of Labour orders and helping you reach compliance.

Contact Michael Wilson, Machine Guarding Specialist at (905) 614-4272 Ext: 2521, or your local office for more information on the above and additional services to meet your needs.

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Our Partners in Prevention health and safety conferences and events throughout Ontario provide excellent opportunities for networking and learning. Visit our website for more information and a line-up of upcoming dates and sessions on equipment guarding, lockout and other key health and safety topics.


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