Certification Training: It’s the Law

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Certification TrainingThe Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that one worker and one management representative of every joint health and safety committee (JHSC) must be trained in the fundamentals of health and safety.  Both members must also be trained in workplace-specific hazards. This training is known as Certification Part One and Certification Part Two.

Certification Training Overview

Certification isn’t just for worker and management members of your JHSC.. Consider providing certification training to all your committee members and other workplace parties too, like managers and supervisors. By doing so, you can be assured that you’ll always be in compliance with minimum legal requirements and you can help to create a stronger, more effective internal responsibility system.

Here’s how to get started...

1. Start with the Basics (Certification Part One)

Certification Part One is aimed at participants who have an understanding of health and safety, are familiar with the OH&S Act, and prefer a faster-paced lecture style format.

Certification Part One: Manufacturing is designed for participants who have little knowledge of health and safety or the OH&S Act. Highly interactive, these courses are peppered with examples, case studies, activities and discussions that make learning easy and thorough.

New for Offices!  Cover the basics (Part One Certification) and the hazards (Part Two Certification) at the same time and save with our newest course Certification Parts One and Two: Offices.

2. Move on to the Hazards (Certification Part Two)

Once you have mastered the basics of health and safety, you are ready to get down to the specifics. Certification Part Two covers workplace-specific hazards. The training is designed to help participants recognize, assess and control significant hazards in their workplaces. IAPA’s Certification Part Two courses, which are approved by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and sponsored by trade associations, have been developed to address hazards common to the majority of workplaces within a sector.

3. Complete the Final Paperwork

Just fill in the WSIB form that we’ve included in your participant’s package and forward it to the WSIB. The WSIB will send you an official card verifying that you have been certified. That’s it!

New! Certification Parts One and Two: Offices

Cover the basics (Part One Certification) and the hazards (Part Two Certification) at the same time and save.

If you work in the offices sector or if you have office employees, our newest course Certification Parts One and Two: Offices is the perfect solution.  This new course offers the same thorough content (as its two separate predecessors – Certification Part One: Offices and Certification Part Two: Offices) and the same end result – compliance with the law.  But now you can meet certification requirements:

  • In less time (3 days instead of 4)
  • For less money ($519 instead of $760) and
  • With greater convenience (1 training session instead of 2)

Why We're Your Best Choice

  • High quality, results-oriented training – our trainers have in-depth knowledge of health and safety and are up-to-speed on the latest training methods for keeping participants engaged – a key to effective learning.

  • With select courses developed in partnership with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), Canada’s largest trade and industry association, we offer the ONLY certification training endorsed by CME.

  • All of our certification training has been approved by the WSIB so you know it meets the toughest compliance standard around.

  • A variety of courses to choose from in an unmatched number of locations throughout Ontario – we deliver training that’s widely available, cost-effective and respects your time constraints.

  • Experience and knowledge that’s hard to beat – we’ve been delivering certification training for over 15 years and have trained 90,000+ JHSC members – as well as other workplace parties – providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to meet legal requirements.



Volume Discounts

specialJoin the growing list of progressive companies that provide certification training to all committee members and other workplace parties too, like managers and supervisors.

Volume Discounts:

3-5 participants 10%
6-9 participants 15%
10+ participants 20%

Call 1-800-406-IAPA (4272) for more information.

1. Participants must be from the same organization
2. Participants must register for the same course, however, course dates and locations can vary
3. Registrations must be received by IAPA at the same time
4. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer