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MOL Enforcement Blitz: Young and New Worker Safety

“Young and new workers in Ontario are up to four times more likely to be injured during the first month on the job than at any other time. Ontario is committed to eliminating workplace injuries. All workers have the right to come home from work each day to their families, safe and sound.”

– Peter Fonseca, Minister of Labour

From May through August, Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspectors will visit workplaces with a high likelihood of hiring young and new workers—a segment of our workforce that is at greater risk of injury than other, more experienced workers. This is the third year in a row that the MOL will focus on young and new worker safety, and for good reason. Between 2004 and 2009, 27 young workers were killed. Another 466 received critical injuries.

Workplaces being targeted during this blitz include construction sites, health care establishments, retail stores, wholesalers, restaurants, vehicle sales and service, enterprises involving tourism, farming operations, municipalities, golf courses, camps, temporary amusement parks and locations where workers are engaged in activities such as landscaping. View the MOL backgrounder for details and more information regarding the blitz focus and priorities.

This blitz is part of the province’s Safe At Work Ontario strategy to improve workplace health and safety practices through increased awareness, training and enforcement of provincial legislation and regulations. A “zero tolerance” approach will be taken for any contraventions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations regarding minimum age requirements, guarding issues or personal protective equipment.

How We Can Help

A variety of information, products and services related to the MOL’s current inspection blitz on the safety of young and new workers is available to assist your injury prevention efforts.

Web Resources

The following free downloads relate to young and new worker safety. Visit our Free Downloads section for additional publications, tools and resources on a variety of other health and safety topics.

Young Workers Safety
This dedicated section on IAPA's website includes resources for students, parents, teachers and employers. Also featured is Surviving summer – the tragic story of an injured young worker. Eric Olivieri was 16 when he suffered a serious workplace injury. Hear him recall what happened, the extent of his injuries, his recovery, and the lessons that he learned along the way.

Small Business Centre
This site is designed for businesses with fewer than 50 employees. On-line tools include a legislative compliance questionnaire and small business calculator to help employers understand their legal obligations and determine the costs associated with workplace injuries.



Our comprehensive portfolio of health and safety training solutions includes the following related to new and young worker safety:




Information Services

Contact the Information Centre for your free information package containing MOL court bulletins, journal articles and other relevant resources.

Subscribe to Accident Prevention e-News, The Regional, The Advocate or FarmSafe for workplace health and safety news, prosecutions, alerts and updates. Related Accident Prevention eNews articles include:

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Consulting Services

Consultants work together with clients to identify and assess health and safety needs based on the client’s readiness and capacity, which facilitates practical and actionable solutions. Contact an IAPA consultant by calling 1.800.406.IAPA (4272) for more information on the following and additional services to meet your needs:

  • Hazard assessments, reports and recommendations
  • Assistance in developing a health and safety program and procedures
  • Development and delivery of awareness presentations on specific topics
  • Availability of on-site training including:

    “First 4 Weeks” Health & Safety Orientation – facilitated training
    Looking for help in training several supervisors and/or workers on-site? This option provides you with an IAPA facilitator to lead participants through the First 4 Weeks health and safety orientation program. Training is provided through a combination of large group and self-directed learning.



Our health and safety conferences and events throughout Ontario provide excellent opportunities for networking and learning on key topics. Visit Partners in Prevention for more information. Of particular note is the upcoming London conference featuring highly relevant and timely sessions.


Partner Sites

Farm Safety Association (FSA) - FSA provides health and safety information, resources and assistance to firms within the agricultural, horticultural and landscaping industries. Click the link to access their website for more information.

Ontario Service Safety Alliance (OSSA) - OSSA provides health and safety information, resources and assistance to firms within the service sector. Click the link to access their website for more information including the Dare to Care Orientation Program.


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