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Ministry of Labour inspection blitz on Loading Dock Safety – February, 2011

On February 1, Ministry of Labour inspectors will begin a one-month sweep across the province. The blitz will focus on loading docks, shipping and receiving areas, and is structured into three parts to reflect the flow of materials and goods into and out of workplaces.

Part 1: focuses on the entry and exit of vehicles carrying materials and goods
Part 2: addresses the positioning and securing of vehicles
Part 3: addresses loading and unloading activities

This blitz is part of the province’s Safe At Work Ontario strategy to improve workplace health and safety practices through increased awareness, training and enforcement of provincial legislation and regulations. A “zero tolerance” approach will be taken for any contraventions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations regarding minimum age requirements, guarding issues or personal protective equipment. The Ministry of Labour inspectors will be searching for loading dock-related hazards and infractions in all industry sectors.

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Maximize the safety and efficiency of your loading dock. There are hazards around loading docks such as moving machinery, lift trucks, tractor trailers, the lifting of heavy loads by workers, and slippery, crowded and uneven surfaces. WSPS consultants are available to perform an onsite evaluation of your loading dock and provide training to help make your site as safe and efficient as possible. WSPS specialists can help you by:

  • providing loading dock safety training.
  • ensuring you are in compliance with the legislation regarding loading dock requirements.
  • identifying any loading dock hazards at your site and helping you to control these hazards.
  • reviewing any Ministry of Labour orders and helping you reach compliance.

Contact David Mustard (ext. 2535) or Chuck Leon (ext. 2506), Loading Dock Specialists at (905) 614-1400, or head office for more information on the above and additional services to meet your needs.

Tel: 905-614-1400 Toll Free: 1-877-494-9777


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